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  • tour 7 Lagunas Ausangate
  • tour 7 Lagunas Ausangate

The 7 Lagunas Ausangate tour is excellent for nature lovers and the walk lasts only one day, during the journey you will visit the 7 turquoise green lagoons, a large part of the Vilcanota mountain range, you will also be close to the Ausangate mountains and Ayangate, the scenic beauty of the entire tour will invite you to capture all these moments with your companions.

Before finishing the Tour 7 Lagunas Ausangate you will be able to enjoy the relaxing hot springs in the community of Pacchanta together with a beautiful view of the Nevados, mountains and the local life of this community.


Pick up time: From 4:30 a.m. at 5:00 a.m.
Trip duration: 1 Day
Time of return to Cusco: Between 6:30 and 7:00 p.m.
Maximum height: 4,700mt/15,520ft
Walking distance: 10 km
Duration of the walk: 5 hours


Itinerary of the 7 Lagoons Ausangate full day tour:

We start the seven Lagoons Ausangate tour with the pick up from your hotels in Cusco at 04:30 a.m., at 5:00 a.m. To then go to the community of “Pacchanta” which is located on the slopes of the snowy “Ausangate”.

It is reached by the new South interoceanic highway and deviating by a carriage trail, in approximately 3 hours from the city of Cusco.

Once in Pacchanta we will have breakfast and after finishing with the last preparations we will start the walk to see the 7 lagoons, after 2 hours of walking we will arrive at a viewpoint from where we will be able to appreciate the first lagoon known as the Pucacocha lagoon.

After a well-deserved photo session we will continue walking to see the second Patacocha lagoon, then the third Alqacocha lagoon, minutes later we will see the turquoise lagoons that are known as Qomercocha lagoon, finally we will see the Orco otorongo lagoon – This small lagoon, for its shape and surrounding landscape, has the shape and fur (spots) of an otorongo, a feline that inhabits the jungles of America.

Near the previous lagoon is the ‘china otorongo’ lagoon, which refers to the female of this American feline. The panoramic views of both lagoons are impressive.

They are ideal for taking pictures. Laguna Azul cocha will be the last of the circuit of the 7 lagoons, it has a dark blue coloration of its waters.

The beauty of this lagoon, as well as its surrounding mountainous landscape, is highly appreciated by tourists who often take pictures here.

Some of these Lagoons have a turquoise green tone in color, that is what makes them attractive, because the water coming down from the snow-capped mountains also brings with it pulverized minerals and finally ends up swimming in the waters,

Finally we will start the return journey for 2 hours until we reach Pacchanta where we will have lunch and then they will enjoy the hot springs.

After enjoying a relaxing bath, we will get ready to return to Cusco along the same interoceanic highway and we will arrive in Cusco at 7:00 p.m.

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Price of the 7 Lagoons Ausangate full day tour:
100.00 soles per person

Includes / Does not include

What the 7 Lagoons Ausangate full day tour includes:
Professional Guide
Round trip transportation
Pick up from your hotel
First aid kit
breakfast and lunch
first income
does not include
Second Income (10 soles per person)
horse rental

What Should I Bring?

What you need to bring to the 7 Lagunas Ausangate full day tour:
Extra money
Small backpack
hat or cap
Sun glasses
walking shoes
Mineral water
Rain jacket or poncho
Sweater or sweater for the cold
camera with extra battery
Snack: Chocolates, fruit
Toilet paper


Frequently Asked Questions about the 7 Lagoons Ausangate full day tour:

How long does it take to get to the town where the walk begins?
It is located 3 hours from Cusco.

What time does the tour start and end?
The tour starts at 5:00 am. and ends at 6:30 p.m.

Is breakfast and lunch included?
Yes. Breakfast and lunch are included.

What is the maximum height of the tour?
The maximum altitude we will reach is 4,700mt/15,520ft

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