To guarantee your reservation you will have to send us a deposit in soles per person, to our accounts indicated lines below.

IMPORTANT: The deposit that you lost us is not refundable or transferable) After your place in the transport has been reserved it cannot be sold again, therefore, if you do not show up for the tour it is considered a NO SHOW

Next, we detail the forms of payment and interbank transfer:


In the name of WAQRAPUKARA PERU TOURS (checking account)

  • Current account INTERBANK soles 4203004144146
  • CCI of the current account in soles 00342000300414414677
  • INTERBANK current account dollars 4203004144153
  • CCI of the current account in dollars 00342000300414415373


Deposit in the name of: Úrsula Corvacho Manzano

ACCOUNT 285 01092218 0 17
CCI 002- 2851-0109 – 2218 – 01757


Deposit in the name of: Úrsula Corvacho Manzano

ACCOUNT NO. 780-7648675
CCI 009-318-207807648675-76

Deposit through YAPE / PLIN:

  • Deposit through YAPE: No. Cel. 984 505083
  • Deposit through PLIN: Cell number 984 505083
  • Deposit in the name of: Úrsula Corvacho Manzano

After making your deposit or transfer, send us a photograph of the payment confirmation voucher. Once we receive your deposit or transfer, we will send you a confirmation voucher indicating the date and tour of your reservation.


If you need to cancel the tour, your deposit will not be refunded and we will apply additional cancellation penalties based on your tour date. The terms of your cancellation are based on the anticipation of your tour cancellation. We understand that there are many unexpected complications that will lead you to cancel your tour.

Our cancellation policies are:

If you cancel your tour 3 days before, you must pay 80% of the cost

If you cancel your tour 2 days before, you must pay 90% of the cost
If you cancel your tour 1 day before, you must pay 100% of the cost
If you are part of a group of friends or family and you decide to cancel your participation in the tour, you will have to pay the full balance of the cost of the tour so that your family or friends can carry out their

THE PAYMENT OF THE FINAL BALANCE: We require that the payment of your final balance be made in our office at least 48 or 24 hours before the departure of your tour or excursion. Said payment must be made in cash.

If you plan to arrive on the same day as the tour departure, the remaining balance must be paid in advance (3 days before) through the previous payment methods.

In the event that the payment of the final balance has not been made in the mentioned time, We reserve the right to cancel the reservation due to non-payment and there will be no right to any type of refund. Any cancellation will be made prior to notification.

OFFICE ADDRESS: Calle Triunfo 392 (also called Sunturwasi) We are inside the Inca Art Craft Center office 209 Second Floor, Cusco.

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