About Us

Waqra Pukara Peru Tours, was created with the purpose of publicizing and disseminating lesser-known and little-visited tourist destinations in the Cusco Region. We are a team of professionals who are constantly looking for new and innovative tourist destinations in the Region, because we understand that Cusco and Peru are not only Machu Pichu.

We offer Unconventional tours in Cusco so that you can see the best of Cusco from a different perspective.

The Cusco region: It is a special place that offers incredible walks and impressive places to visit. That due to lack of time and diffusion, many tourists do not manage to know. At Waqra Pukara Peru Tours, we understand that this is a problem that can be solved, which is why we have created and combined many of the Tours that normally take place on different days (1 or 2 days).

We are a Company that works hand in hand with the Local Communities, Waqra Pukara Peru Tours:

We are proud of our connection to the local communities around the Cusco Region. Jesus Villafuerte, the founder and guide of Waqra Pukara Perù Tours, was born in one of these communities and is well aware of the importance and influence of tourism on the communities that work and live in it. Waqra Pukara Perù Tours wants to attract many of these benefits to communities that do not yet have the opportunity to benefit themselves. We employ and train many people from local communities to count on your service, as our cooks, muleteers and hosts for all our tourists.

When doing one of our unconventional Tours. We want you to have contact with the local people and thus get to know their daily life up close. The people of the towns that we visit in all our tours and alternative walks are simple, peaceful and calm people and they are very kind to the tourists who visit them. If you wish, you can donate some gifts to share such as: notebooks, pens, warm clothes, and a toy for the children. We are sure that after visiting them you will have a new concept of the life of the Andean settler. By booking a tour with Waqra Pukara Peru Tours you can be sure that you are contributing to the sustainability of these traditional and ancestral towns.

Travel with people who share the same adventurous and innovative spirit

As a traveler, you know that one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences is meeting new friends and places. When you book a trip with us you can be sure that your group will have similar travelers looking for adventure in the Peruvian Andes. All of our groups provide a great opportunity to meet new people and bond with them in a friendly atmosphere. You never know who you’ll meet on your next adventure!

New adventures await you in Cusco – Peru and the Waqra Pukara Peru Tours staff will be very happy to meet you!

Committed to the environment

We take care of the environment making our services a way to prevent pollution in a sustainable way.

Quality in the service

We provide excellent service with personalized attention, meeting and exceeding your expectations, with more than 10 years providing unforgettable experiences to travelers from all over the world, our traveler testimonials guarantee it.

Expert Guides

Experienced professional guides with a passion for culture will make your trip a unique experience. We invest in quality equipment, personalized and ideal to meet and exceed your expectations on your trip.

We operate 100% of our tours and walks

We have the professionals, the logistics and the necessary elements to provide an excellent and quality service. Our experts will design a personalized trip for you, giving you total freedom to choose everything you need and want.

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